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Bolivia Russia Deal Prevents COP26 From Collapse

Until the last minute Bolivia thretened to block the deal that still included the support of nuclear energy. How did it work out in the end anyways? The answer is a side deal between Bolivia and Russia. Here is the official statement from the Russian Federation: „After the nuclear coalition’s generous suggestion regarding Market Mechanisms„Bolivia Russia Deal Prevents COP26 From Collapse“ weiterlesen

Will a Major Standoff around Nuclear Energy derail the whole COP26?

After a lot of bickering about details and numbers in the morning, a major standoff ensued around noon in the Market Mechanisms working group. Causing the controversy was the question of including nuclear energy into the mechanism.  On the one side stood a group of countries strongly opposing any inclusion of nuclear energy, lead by„Will a Major Standoff around Nuclear Energy derail the whole COP26?“ weiterlesen

China increases it’s pledge by 3bn. Will others follow up?

To many observers surprise, the first country to unilaterally promise an increase in its funding to fight Climate Change at this years COP26 is none other than China. This might give the worlds most populous country (but also the worlds largest emitter of CO2) a welcome boost of recognision and also  increase it’s soft power„China increases it’s pledge by 3bn. Will others follow up?“ weiterlesen

Falling back to old categorizations?

Even though the notions „developed countries“, „developing countries“ and „least developed countries“ has been used for the past years in the Conferences of Parties no official agreement on the definitions has been reached. Countries were informally thus referring to the old categories of Annex I (including the 14 economies in transition) and Annex II countries.„Falling back to old categorizations?“ weiterlesen

Immediate agreement among countries at COP 26 – but not related to measures against global warming

A breaking news message has shaken up today’s start into the negotiations. Fox news claims that Corona virus was caused by a bat living in a nuclear powerplant. Is this the end for nuclear technology? The reactions were heated. But for once the countries (even opposing parties at these negotiations) find a very quick agreement.„Immediate agreement among countries at COP 26 – but not related to measures against global warming“ weiterlesen

A Slow But Promising COP26

[Zoom city] The first day of the UNFCCC negotiation in Zoom city has successfully ended. The Media team gives here a brief summary of the hard-fought agreements and compromises across working groups: Mitigation After the first long day of negotiation, the mitigation working group has finally agreed on encouraging an international joint effort of limiting„A Slow But Promising COP26“ weiterlesen

Two Visions, One Future

[Zoom City] In the fireside talk jointly hosted by the World Coal Association (WCA), International Gas Union (IGU), and the International association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), various parties shared their views on the future development of the fossil-fuel and renewable sectors. Two differing visions collided between the two biggest oil producers in the„Two Visions, One Future“ weiterlesen

Secret Deal on Nuclear Energy between China and the USA?

The Climate Gazette recently received a message from the Chinese delegation, stating their happiness about a certain productive collaboration with the USA. However on request, both delegations were surprisingly vague what this collaboration exactly is about. Did they want to keep something a secret? In a private conversation with a Climate Gazette journalist one of„Secret Deal on Nuclear Energy between China and the USA?“ weiterlesen

Historic coalition between Iran, Qatar, and Kuwait

A surprising and historic coalition was built between Iran, Qatar, and Kuwait in pursuit of economic development in the region. The delegates made a joint statement regarding the recent sanctions imposed on the respective countries, and how co-development and transitioning into renewable energy can help mitigate the impact. Considering the large US military bases in„Historic coalition between Iran, Qatar, and Kuwait“ weiterlesen

Present at the Opening Statement: Drivers, Profiteers and Sceptics

#MayDayMayDay and #Together1.5 were repeated several times by numerous delegations this morning when the opening statements for COP26 were made. The countries they represent feel severely threatened by climate change and want to push the conference in Zoom City to come up with a solid agreement. However, not all the statements exactly went into this„Present at the Opening Statement: Drivers, Profiteers and Sceptics“ weiterlesen

Observer Organizations Launch Silent Demonstration

NGOs such as Greenpeace, IEN, and try to set the mood for the upcoming conference by launching an initiative, incouraging participating delegations to use certain backgrounds during the meeting at Zoom City.  Here is the official statement: „NGO’s call for a silent demonstration during the UNFCCC Conference. Add the Hashtag #FightEveryCrisis on your Zoom„Observer Organizations Launch Silent Demonstration“ weiterlesen

Meet Your Media Team

Climate Gazette is an independent investigative source of information for all participants of the CEMS MUNFCCC conference in Zoom City. Climate Gazette provides daily updates, breaking news and inside scoops during the negotiations. Meet your Team! Gregor Schafroth is a Swiss St.Gallen home student and spent his semester abroad at Korea University in fall 2018. As„Meet Your Media Team“ weiterlesen

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